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The Counseling Services of

Rebecca Pearce, Psy.D.

Strength for the Journey

counseling services

The Beatles sang about Eleanor Rigby keeping her face in the jar by the door, but most of us seldom take our masks off even when we are alone. We put the mask on to protect ourselves, yet in so doing we disconnect.

I help people reconnect… mostly with themselves. When we listen to and are kind with ourselves, we develop the courage to live freely and authentically. Whether in the midst of turbulence or motivated to reclaim your strength, you're in the right place to benefit from counseling.

I work in the arena of relationships. This includes difficulty in one's relationship with oneself:

  • depression

  • anxiety (worry or panic)

  • trauma

  • trouble with eating patterns / body image

It also encompasses disrupted relationships with others:

  • loss through

    • death

    • divorce

    • estrangement

    • break up

    • relocation

  • church wounds / shifting concept of God

  • caring for someone else through an illness

  • impacted by someone else's addiction

When I meet with someone, there is a rhythm between quiet contemplation, listening, talking about our observations and laughing about life’s ironies. We talk about how you think and understand your lived experiences. We also cultivate an awareness of your emotions and checking in with what you sense in your body. This way you learn more about yourself and your capabilities, your choices, and build resiliency. It’s important to work with gentleness and respect while maintaining a good sense of humor.

I primarily work with adolescent and adult women, though I do see some adult men.  Sessions are by appointment only, Monday through Friday.


"Coming here enables me to work. I come here and I un-scatter... ."

~ a client

about me


Education and Background: 

Psy.D., 1995 Rosemead School of Psychology

Biola University ~ La Mirada, CA

My graduate training was in family systems therapy, Gestalt psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy with strong psychodynamic influences.  In the intervening years I've continued to add to my skill set including enhancing mindfulness, utilizing EMDR (a technique used for trauma or anxiety), and integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a modifying/organizing framework.


Professional Associations

  • Former Co-Chair, Former Treasurer: Nashville Psychotherapy Institute (NPI)

  • Founding Member: Eating Disorder Coalition of Tennessee (now RenewED)

  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists (National Register)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA)


curriculum vitae

For a complete listing of my previous academic and work experience, please check my LinkedIn account.

Raised in southern California, I moved to Tennessee for my pre-doctoral internship in 1994.  During my time away from the office, I enjoy travel, photography, and baking.   My pronouns are she, her, hers.


frequently asked questions


I typically set people up with a standing appointment time because it’s good to have something you can rely on.  We begin with a weekly appointment so I can get to know you and understand your situation.  After we've done some initial work together, we might choose to drop to every other week.   Toward the end of therapy, some people come in once every four weeks. 


I am an "out of network" provider for most, though not all, insurance panels. I ask for the fee at the time of service.  If you wish, I can file claims in such a way that your insurance company will reimburse you directly. I can also provide the paperwork so you can file claims if you wish.

Because every insurance plan has different reimbursement rates, you should contact your insurance provider to review your mental health policy.  If I file for you, I will be required to disclose private information, including a psychiatric diagnosis, to your insurance company about you and your treatment.  I have no subsequent control over this personal information after it is transmitted to your insurance representative. 

My reimbursement policy is not intended to make it difficult for the client, but to allow me the clinical freedom needed to provide optimal care and respect your privacy. By being an "out-of-network" provider, I can at least limit the amount of clinical information required for reimbursement while still utilizing insurance benefits if needed.  

Fees & payment

My rate is $140 per appointment.  After an initial assessment period (usually the first three to four sessions), I offer a $15 discount for pre-paid weekly appointments, bringing the cost to $125 per session.  For those who choose to come in every other week or once every four weeks, the customary ($140) fee applies.  

I accept cash, check or credit cards, including Health Savings Account cards. 

Please contact me regarding any questions you may have on this matter.




1501 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212



My office is located in a historic home on Music Row within walking distance from Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities.

Parking is free.


initial contact

If you are interested in making an appointment, the most efficient process is to

You can also call and leave the information requested on the form in a voicemail.    To protect your privacy I do not correspond via email.  Instead, I ask you to leave your phone number so I can call you when I am in the office.    

This form is not for cases of an emergency contact.  If you’re in immediate or life-threatening crisis, please call 911 or contact the local hotline at 615.244.7444.